Sales of the Edco wheel sets started in 2009, and their reputation for high quality was soon established. Apart from individual riders and triathletes, well known cycling teams and others sportsmen chose Edco as their preferred wheel:

UCI Teams: 

 Sport Vlaanderen - Baloise (BE)  Team Caja Rural-Seguros RGA (ES)
EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_sport-Vlaanderen.jpg  EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_Caja-Rural.jpg 


Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank (USA) ColoQuick-CULT Cycling Team (DK)
EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_Tibco-SVB.jpg EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_Coloquick.jpg


Delta Cycling (NL) DESTIL - Jo Piels (NL)
EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_DeltaCycling.jpg EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_Destil-Piels.jpg
Monkey Town (NL) Lares-Waowdeals (BE)
EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_Monkeytown.jpg EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_Lares-Woawdeals.jpg



Edco-Continental (UK) WPGA Cycling Team Amsterdam (NL)
EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_Edco-Continental.jpg EDCO_sponsorTeams_shirtPoster_WPGA.jpg


 Other teams:

Squadra Eindhoven Triathlon Team (NL)


Individual partnerships:

Hein Otterspeer and Kjeld Nuis (Lotto- Jumbo speed skating team)


Nick Stopler


edco Handbuilt by professionals