Why won't my Joule recognize my G3 hub?
Update your Joule to the latest firmware and relearn the hub. If you are using a Joule that hasnt been updated, make sure you learn your G3 hub as an ANT+ device, not a power tap.

I lost/can't find my download cable, how can I download my Joule?
Any off the shelf mini USB stick to standard USB stick cable will work. If you own a Blackberry® or digital camera you already have this download cable.

Why can't I download my Joule?

  • Make sure you have the latest version of PowerAgent. Click here to download the latest version.
  • Make sure the download cable is plugged into your computer and Joule.
  • Make sure Joule is turned on. To turn Joule on press Mode or Interval button. The Home button will also work on the Joule 3.0.
  • Make sure you have "stopped and saved" a ride. To stop and save; hold Mode button for 2 seconds until Ride Paused screen appears. Select "stop and save".

What type of micro SD card is allowed in Joule?
Micro SDHC cards are not supported, i.e., any card larger than 2 gig.

How can I keep my Joule from inadvertently turning on in my bag?
3 of the 4 joystick directions are currently disabled from turning on the Joule. Were working on a future enhancement to disable the 4th direction.

How can I turn off my Joule?
You dont. It just goes to sleep.

My 2/4/8 week averages are off. How can I fix them?
There may be a short ride that can bring down your averages. Find the offending history file and delete it through Window Explorer. Cycleops/history/file name.bin
How would this occur? A rider completes a hard ride and hits "stop and save" as theyre pulling into the driveway. As theyre rolling the bike into the garage a new ride is created 15 seconds long with an average of 0 power. This short ride then gets factored into the averages. Consider using the "stop and delete" function.

What do VAM, Normalized Power, IF and TSS mean and what do I do with them?

  • VAM - How quickly the rider is climbing a hill. The rate of ascent in meters/hour. This feature is most effectively used in interval mode. Start an interval at the bottom of a large climb. Stop the interval at the top. See how quickly youre gaining elevation.
  • Normalized Power - An estimate of the power the rider could have maintained for the same physiological "cost" if the output power was constant.
  • IF - Comparison (ratio) of a rides normalized power to the riders threshold value.
  • TSS - Training stress score: an estimation of a rides total difficultly based on glycogen burned.

[Normalized Power, IF and TSS are registered trademarks of Peaksware, LLC http://www.trainingpeaks.com]

Why don't I see the ride information on the dashboard or in the reports after I stop and save?
The information is stored in the history files after a "stop and save."

Why is the altitude different than a Garmin?
Both the Joule and the Garmin use a barometric pressure sensor to determine elevation. The Garmin also uses GPS as part of the calculation to negate the effects of weather. Weather can affect barometric pressure and how the Joule computes elevation. Cloudy days are typically low pressure and will create an artificially high elevation. Bright sunny days are typically high pressure and will create an artificially low elevation.

Why don't I see my current ride in the history files?
You need to stop and save the ride before the history file is created. Note that the "end ride time" can be set to 90, 60, 30, 15 min or "never." Default is "never."

Why is the "feet gained" different than a Garmin?
The Garmin uses a different altitude value based on both barometric pressure and GPS while the Joule uses just barometric pressure. Additionally, the Garmin and Joule use different averaging routines to calculate feet gained and lost.

Temperature seems off on short rides?
The temperature sensor is embedded in the packaging and takes some time (30 min) to equilibrate. Short rides or quick temperature spikes may not register with the Joule. Additionally, there is some self-heating from the electronics of when placed in direct sunlight.