PowerAgent Set Up
Cycleops products are compatible with;

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X 10.4.

Ensure you have the latest versions downloaded to your PC. You can download the latest version on:
For Mac users, you are required to download additional drivers

I think I need to install the special drivers; how can I do this (PC)?
Joule drivers are installed with power agent. If you feel you need these, reinstall power agent and make sure the install Joule drivers box is checked.

Drivers for the Cervo, little yellow CPU, are available here http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM20814_Setup.exe

When I open PowerAgent my screen goes grey or freezes, why?
You need to download Java; our software is written in Java and will not properly function if you do not have the latest version of Java.
Java os available to download from www.java.com. For Mac users, use the software update under Apple.

How do I email my rides to my coach?

  • Open PowerAgent and select the ride you'd like to email to your coach.
  • Go to File -> Export -> Activity Data
  • Save the ride as a .csv file. The name will be your username and the ride date/time. You can change it to whatever you would like.
  • Open your email client.
  • Attach the .csv file you just created to your email.
  • Send it to your coach.

When I try to download data, nothing happens, what's wrong?
There could be a number of reasons why your data isn't downloading. First make sure you have the latest version of power agent available. Second make sure your CPU is fully seated on the cradle, is on, and reads HOST on the screen.

Due to regular updates to Windows, some PowerAgent users may experience problems connecting to and downloading from their Cervo (yellow CPU). If you are having this problem, download the latest Windows drivers at http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM20814_Setup.exe

How do I move my rides from previous software to the PowerAgent 7.5?
The download process will automatically move the data from past versions of PowerAgent 7.0 and newer to PowerAgent 7.5. If the transfer doesn't happen automatically close power agent and delete the CycleOps folder. This folder is located in the My Documents folder in windows, and Documents on a Mac

However, if you have PowerAgent 5.0, export all of your ride data. Ride data will save to the location "˜PowerAgent/Data/Export'. Copy the contents of this folder to a safe location on your computer where you know where to find it. When you uninstall PowerAgent 5.0, PowerAgent/Data/Export will be wiped out and you will lose all your ride history if you do not copy the contents of this folder and move it out of this directory. After you uninstall PowerAgent 5.0 install PowerAgent 7.5 and import your old ride data.

Why can't I create a workout from an old PowerTap file?
The conversion from a ride to a workout relies on elevation data. You'll need a Garmin or a Joule file to create a workout.

How do I transfer my workouts to a new computer?
In PowerAgent 7.5 and newer, all your files are saved in My Documents/CycleOps for Windows and Documents/CycleOps for Mac. Transfer the CycleOps folder from one computer to another. If you have already downloaded rides onto your new computer, you will need to export those rides and delete the existing CycleOps folder. Once you have the old ride data moved you can import your new rides.

Older versions of power agent use a specific repository folder. You will need to locate that folder and move it to the same location on your new computer.

  • MAC: ~/.poweragent/repository
  • Windows (through XP): C:/Documents and Settings//.poweragent/repository
  • Windows Vista: C:/Users//.poweragent/repository

How do I make a back up copy of my rides?
Back up these folders: My Documents/CycleOps for Windows and Documents/CycleOps for Mac.

When I export my ride data why is it all numbers, where are the graphs?
The CSV file you exported is a collection of ride data as it happened. Once your coach imports the ride file into PowerAgent or another software program the graphs will be recreated.

Why is the information on my PowerTap computer different from what I see in PowerAgent?
Check smoothing and sampling factors within PowerAgent. Make sure you clear the PowerTap computer before riding. Also, ensure the correct user is selected within PowerAgent-the wrong zones and weight will skew the data.

What is firmware, and how do I update it?
Firmware is the programming that runs your Cervo or Joule Computer.

  • To update your firmware, Plug your PowerTap computer into your computer with the USB cradle or USB cable.
  • Within PowerAgent go to Tools -> Firmware -> Check for Firmware Update.
  • Make sure you're connected to the internet.
  • PowerAgent 7.5 will also automatically alert you when new firmware is available.

How do I know what version of PowerAgent I have?
Open the PowerAgent software on your computer. In the top menu, choose Help -> About. the About window that pops up will list the version of the software.

Why are all my icons gray?
Make sure you have a user created. If you can't see the user window, go to Windows -> Show User Window.

I have Mac OS 10.7 or newer, why won’t PowerAgent open?
Java is not automatically installed by Apple on OS 10.7 or newer, and without Java Poweragent will not open. These steps will install Java and allow it to work properly.

  • Go to Applications>Utilities>Java Preferences
  • It will ask you to install Java if not already done
  • Press Install and the download will automatically start
  • Once Complete Poweragent should open and run correctly

Other Trainer software and hardware
Cycleops recommend the use of Cycleops related products and Poweragent software with all of their products. Although Cycleops products are compatible with other hardware such as Garmin etc and other software products such as Training Peaks, Cycleops cannot support any non Cycleops recommended products regarding set up and ongoing downloads / upgrades etc.