Does the G3 have a Rechargable Battery?
The G3 battery in the PowerCap is not rechargeable. The USB connection is used for service and for firmware updates only. The PowerCap should not be left connected to the USB port for long periods. Doing so could drain the battery.

How can I replace my battery?
Remove the PowerCap using the PowerTap G3 removal Tool. Once the PowerCap is removed you can pull out the CR2032 battery and replace is.

Will The G3 hub work with a Yellow CPU?
No, the G3 hub is now fully ANT+ compatible and will only work with the Joule or other ANT+ compatible device. The previous Plus series hubs still sent a signal on the CycleOps network that the Yellow CPU used. That signal is no longer sent by the G3 hub; however, the Pro hub does still work with the Yellow CPU.

Why Cant My PowerTap Computer "Find" The PowerTap Devices (Hub, HR strap, Spd/Cd)?

  • Perform a "find" by pushing and holding both the MODE and SELECT buttons until "Find" appears, then let go. Be sure your device is broadcasting a signal (spin the PowerTap wheel, HR strap is on, magnet is passing by spd/cd sensor). The computer will search for and find the device, indicated by the transmission icon in upper left of CPU.
  • You may need to navigate to COMPUTER SET UP 5 and "learn" the five-digit ID from the hub, HR strap or Speed/Cadence sensor. Directions on how to "learn" wireless devices can be found on pages 19 and 27 of the product manual. If the first digit is flashing after the search has timed out, it has failed and there appears to be no transmission. Check batteries or try other devices to check against and isolate working from non-working devices.
  • Ensure your device has fresh batteries to eliminate this as a possibility. Directions on how to change your PowerTaps hub and CPU batteries can be found here. Be sure to "re-learn" the device ID after changing batteries (pages 27-28 of manual).

Why and How Should I Zero The Torque Of My PowerTap?

  • The torque must be frequently zeroed to ensure the most accurate power information is displayed. If the current power display is positive or negative while coasting the torque must be zeroed. This operation must be done while stopped with no tension on the chain or pedals, and the transmission icon illuminated.
  • Directions on how to zero the torque can be found on page 9 of the product manual.

Why does my power seem incorrect?
The torque may not be zeroed. Zero the torque as described on page 9 in the product manual.

How Do I Navigate To The COMPUTER SETUP Main Menu Screen On The Yellow CPU?

  • The yellow CPU has a scrolling menu. Push and hold both the MODE and SELECT buttons simultaneously and let go when it says "SEt Edt 12345". This is the COMPUTER SETUP Main Menu. Please note that letting go of both buttons when it says "Find" will search for already-learned sensors and letting go when it says "-Clr-" will clear all your ride data on the CPU. More information regarding the SETUP Main Menu can be found on page 19 of the product manual.

E = exit, return to ride mode
d = restore default settings
t = test mode
1 2 3 4 5 = setup menus

Why Cant I Find PowerTap Devices After Updating Firmware On My CPU?
Ensure you have the proper device IDs "learned" in COMPUTER SETUP 5 (page 27 of manual). If you arent receiving transmission, "re-learn" the device IDs and ensure you get a solid, five-digit ID. Perform a "find" and you should regain transmission. More details about the "learn" and "find" processes are in above FAQs.

Why does my heart rate seem inaccurate?

  • Computer or chest strap batteries are low: replace batteries as necessary while referencing the product manual. You may need to "re-learn" the HR strap ID through COMPUTER SETUP 5 (page 27).
  • The HR strap is not positioned properly. Please review tips found on page 8 in the product manual.

What length spokes do I need to build my new PowerTap hub into my rim?
You will need to enter the rim measurements, along with the correct PowerTap hub dimensions shown below, and the cross pattern into a spoke calculator to determine the necessary spoke length. For additional questions please contact your local CycleOps dealer.

  • Measurements Drive Non-Drive
  • 15mm Axle
  • Wheel center to flange 15.9mm 33.9mm
  • 12mm Axle
  • Wheel center to flange 17.4mm 32.4mm
  • Flange Diameter 70mm 70mm
  • Spoke hole diameter: 2.5mm

Note: PowerTap hubs must be laced with a minimum 2 cross pattern to avoid damage to the hub and maintain the warranty.

Why is the data different between Garmin and PowerTap CPU?
Numerous differences exist between PowerTap and Garmin computers in regards to how data is displayed. To ensure minimal differences, you should verify the wheel circumference is correctly entered into both devices and that both devices handle ride stops, pauses, and resumption the same way. Garmin computers typically measure distance (and speed, depending on setup options) based on GPS data, and does not use the auto-pause feature by default. PowerTap computers measure speed based on wheel speed and distance based on the number of wheel rotations and uses an auto-pause by default. Garmin calculates average power output without zeros, while PowerTap does not by default, but there is a setting to change this (on both Garmin and PowerTap computers). Directions on how to change settings on the PowerTap computer (SETUP 3) can be found on page 25 of the product manual. Garmin does offer a POD that allows the 705 to read speed and distance using a similar approach to the PowerTap. Garmin computers tend to apply more smoothing to the data, which can cause discrepancies when compared to PowerTap computers. PowerTap smoothing options can be changed in COMPUTER SETUP 2 (page 24).

Why does my speed seem incorrect?
Wheel size is incorrect. Refer to the Table 4 on page 22 in the product manual and enter the correct size in COMPUTER SETUP 1.

Why do I get intermittent data transmission?

  • Batteries need replacement.
  • Computer is not properly seated (wired models). Make sure the computer is firmly seated on the mount. Check wire for damage. •Interference from other devices
  • Incorrectly mounted receiver (wired models). Make sure the receiver is mounted correctly. "Shark fin" shaped receivers work better when they are mounted closer to the hub.

Why is my computer display on, but there is no display icon?

  • Hub is asleep - spin the wheel momentarily to wake up the hub and then "find" the hub by pushing and holding both the MODE and SELECT buttons simultaneously and letting go when it says, "Find".
  • Batteries need replacement - replace the hub batteries as shown in this article
  • Computer not seated in mount (wired models) - make sure computer is firmly and correctly mounted in handlebar mount. There is no marker that tells you the computer is clicked in. It simply needs to be pushed on all the way.
  • Communication errors - verify that the receiver computer mount does not have a damaged wire or connector.
  • Moisture in hub - remove the battery cover on the non drive side (youll need a hub cap wrench) to see if there is any condensation on the battery cover. If there is, leave cover off in a dry place for 12 hours or until moisture disappears.

Be sure that when replacing battery cover you have all the necessary seals in place and that you lightly grease the battery cover for a better seal.

  • Interference with other devices - make sure you are not setting up the PowerTap inside a building with a lot of electrical noise, neon signs, or near power lines. Bring the PowerTap outside or away from the electrical disturbance to see if signal returns. Also remove other speed sensors, computers and magnets.
  • PowerTap CPU batteries are low - replace batteries as shown in this article. We recommend using a cone wrench to remove the battery cap, not a coin.
  • Heart rate mode -the computer may be in heart rate only mode. Check the product manual to return the computer to normal power mode.

Why do I have no display on my computer?

  • The computer may be asleep. Press one of the buttons on the computer to wake up the computer.
  • Batteries need replacement-replace the battery.
  • Is the computer too cold? Optimum operating temperature is 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Battery contact inside the computer may be depressed. Remove the battery cover and battery to expose the silver battery contact. There should be sufficient spring in this tab. If there is not, GENTLY pull up on the contact to reform it.

How much memory does the PowerTap computer have available?
The PowerTap CPU allows you to change the data collection rate in COMPUTER SETUP 1. When you set up the PowerTap CPU (press MODE and SELECT buttons simultaneously until you get to the SETUP menu) you can select data collection for every one second or every two seconds. If you select one second the PowerTap will record up to 15 hours of data. If you select two seconds you will record up to 30 hours of data.

When riding, why does my cadence show all dashes or zeros?

  • PowerTap cadence is accurate within 40 rpm and 130 rpm. Anything outside of this range will be recorded as a zero. Since the cadence measurement is a virtual cadence (based off of torque measurements) and not measured with an extra sensor it cannot read values outside of this range.
  • If youre using the cadence separate cadence sensor, make sure the sensor is paired to the computer.

Why isnt my PowerTap computer showing watts?

  • Ensure the hub is awake. Perform a "find" on the CPU and spin the wheel to activate the sensor.
  • Zero the torque (see above FAQ).
  • Replace the batteries in the hub and relearn the Hub ID in COMPUTER SETUP 5. Then perform a "find".
  • Your computer may be in bike computer mode. The word WATTS should be displayed under the top row on the display. If its not displayed, refer to page 26 of the product manual to return the computer to power mode.

How can I prevent the Garmin 705 from detecting multiple power meters?
To prevent Garmin computers from detecting multiple power meters, it is best to pair the PowerTap and computer about 50 feet from any other active power meters.

If your Powertap product is experiencing issues of abnormal readings such as no readings, incorrect or inconsistent power / speed / heart rate / distance etc before returning for service repair there are checks that you can make;

  1. Wireless - Replace hub batteries
  2. Verify learn hub id (refer to manual section computer set up 5)
    1. If the CPU learns the hub ID, go to test mode (refer to manual) and check the zero offset number, the optimum number is 512. Ensure there is no load whatsoever on the freehub
    2. Reading 512 + or - 5 is within the factory tolerance, over this the hub / wheel will require servicing
    3. If the CPU will not Verify learn hub id the hub / wheel will require servicing
  3. If there is no power being transmitted or no power at all the hub / wheel will require servicing
  4. If you are experiencing difficulties downloading from your CPU to Poweragent;
    1. Ensure you have the CPU firmly seated in the download cradle and the two connecting pins are in good contact.
    2. Visually inspect the cradle and USB wire / connections for damage
    3. Ensure you have the correct IT set up, please refer to our IT Set Up / Requirement s on this site.

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