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Your pedals should adapt to your body. Not the other way around. 
Look at the soles on your street shoes. Do they wear evenly? Probably not: 96% of all people have a tendency to tilt their feet inwards or outwards. Your current bike pedals simply ignore that fact, squeezing your legs into an awkward, unnatural position with every stroke. Mile after mile. 

3ax is the world’s first clipless pedal that gives your feet the freedom to sway sideways. It enables your legs to follow a more natural, fluent flow with every stroke, at every point. It’s a small change that makes a huge difference. The combination of 7° “float” from the cleat and 4° “sway” from our patented rocking mechanism results in a spherical movement, much like a ball and socket joint. This freedom of motion allows better hip-knee-foot alignment through the entire 360° of the pedal stroke. 

3ax can provide a number of benefits and advantages over standard clipless pedals. Based on our labratory testing we observed an average of 17% less lateral knee movement, efficiency improvements of up to 5.47%, and we consistently saw more even foot pressure distribution. The result is simple - ride farther and faster with more comfort. Whether you are an enthusiast looking for more comfort, or a professional looking for that last few percent of improvement...

3AX test by magazine Sykkel from Norway edition January 2017.
3AX test by Dutch magazine Fiets edition April 2017.

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