In case of an accident or breakdown edco has an additional service to repair or replace your wheel at a reduced price as listed below. You can take advantage of edco's ECP within the first 2 years after the original purchase and if you're the original owner. ECP only accepts wheels when information regarding model, serial number and a copy of your invoice are included.

Note that the undermentioned prices are per wheel. It includes the rim and labor but excludes spokes, nipples, bearings and transport costs. 

Optional: if you wish we can replace the bearings.

Fronthub: 2 bearings including labour EUR 37,00
Rearhub: 2 bearings including labour EUR 37,00
Freewheel: 2 bearings including labour EUR 37,00

Charges for bearing service only in combination with Edco Crash Program
All amounts including 21% VAT, excluding transport and handling charges.

Prices subject to change.
Netherland : EUR 13,50
Belgium : EUR 17,50

Upon your request we can send you proper packing material.
It will be used again to return the wheel to you after repair.

Total charges for this service
Netherlands : EUR 35,00
Belgium : EUR 43,00

International Customers - please note that pricing, transport costs, and other fees may vary depending on your location. edco distribution partners can utilize the ECP program but are required to adjust pricing based on market conditions.


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