Find out how to remove or install your Shimano/Sram or Campa cassette on your MULTISYS antibite freewheel body. Select your drive system in the sub menu. 

edco's general instructions:


Brake Pads for both Tubular and Clincher wheel sets:

To reach optimal performance, Edco Carbon Cesso Red brake pads provide the ideal balance of feel and stopping power, and helps to keep rims cool.

Alloy brake pads and carbon:

Do not alternate your same set of pads between rims with alloy and carbon or ceramic braking surfaces, as residual embedded alloy shards could damage the carbon surface.

Ceramic pads and carbon:

Be aware of the fact that most ceramic brake pads contain abrasives that can lead to excessively high brake temperatures and possible carbon rim damage.

Brake Pads for alloy wheel sets:

Simply use your standard brake pads.

Maintenance & Cleaning:

You can use any cleaner that will not affect epoxy resins. Acetone or denatured alcohol work quite well on the rims but be careful with this since you might risk damaging the decals.

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