In 2016 Edco made a running change to their patented Multisys Freehub body and ratchet system. To provide smoother operation and faster engagement we changed our ratchet ring to a 24 tooth profile (previously it was 22 tooth).  The new 24 tooth profile is easily identified by its chrome color. The 22 tooth version is black.

To accommodate this change, and to provide backwards compatibility, the Multisys Freehub body was updated to allow ratchet pawls to be positioned for either 24 tooth or 22 tooth ratchet rings.

When installing a 2016+ Edco Multisys Freehub body users should first determine which ratchet ring their hub has.  24 tooth = chrome color,  22 tooth = black color.  Once determined the pawls should be installed into the freehub accordingly (see image).

22T Ratchet Ring

 2016 24T Ratchet RingMultiSys-24T.png

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